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Statement on the Assault Weapons Ban of 2013

PLEASE keep Our Kids Safe From Guns

March 24th, 2018



To view the California Department of Justice tested and approved gun locking devices, click here.

Imagine that in America every home has a gun safe, Properly securing the gun away from children, thieves and suicidal loved ones...

Imagine that there is a silver bullet and a quick fix

Imagine that children can't accidentally shoot their friends or loved ones anymore

Imagine that America is a safe place to live and play!


Press Releases:
  • (Anaheim) - The California Department of Justice joins forces with Stop Our Shootings, Inc. with a real 911 call... more
  • (Los Angeles) - Attorney General Bill Lockyer and Senator Jack Scott announce new law requiring locks on all firearms... more
  • (The Malibu Times) - Keeping children safe from guns... more

"Beyond the Bullet" Stories about real life experiences of dealing with being shot... 
Stop Our Shootings Educational Video:
Preview 30-second television and 60-second radio PSAs in English and Spanish, produced in conjunction with the California Department of Justice. View the 911 PSA Video:
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2016 Safety For All Act

Were very proud to support California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom and endorse the "Safety for All Act of 2016" as he works to enact commonsense gun reforms. Click here

All Kids who have picked up a gun and accidentally shot someone were told not to play with guns
Thinking you can teach kids not to touch guns is like thinking you can teach them not to eat candy.
If you have a gun, kids will find it and they will play with it.
There is no place to "hide" a gun. All people have the same "hiding" places. In fact, most burglars find a gun to steal within 4 minutes.
Where do youths and criminals get the guns?
"Get Real ! -- Properly secure your guns!"
"Get Real ! -- You can't hide your guns!"
"Get Real ! -- Lock up your gun or don't have one!"
"Got a real gun? Get a real safe!"