Mission & Purpose

STOP OUR SHOOTINGS, INC. evolved following the accidental shooting that occurred to our 12-year-old daughter Shanelle on July 18, 1997. She was shot through the head with an unsecured and fully loaded 9mm semi automatic gun that belonged to a Federal Agent. To read the story, click here. The gun was left unsecured in a briefcase, combination set at "007" and left in the "Open" position. The shock of almost losing Shanelle was such a terrifying experience that it forever changed our family's future. Shanelle has had several reconstructive surgeries. Her latest surgery aired on Discover Health. We now go to schools teaching children about the real dangers of guns, advocate gun safety and responsibility, promote safe storage of firearms and the "Get Real" campaign.

Mission & Purpose

  1. To allow victims to educate children through schools across America everything about the real dangers of playing with guns -- a tested and proven system that works.
  2. To help provide gun owners with educative information about DOJ Tested and Certified Security System for guns, to help provide informative information about purchasing safes that have met strict safety standards.
  3. To assist in finding financial assistance and counseling to victims and their families who are involved with shootings. To provide victims with an avenue to express their grief and concerns.
  4. Stop Our Shootings.com is dedicated to:
    • Promoting the "Get Real" campaign.
    • Provide a face with all the names of all the children who have been shot.
    • An educational tool to educate adults and children in the schools and homes about the real dangers of playing with guns.
    • Promote the awareness about the dangerous combination of kids and guns through local and national media.

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