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Psychological Problems Associated With Victims Of Shootings:

  1. Blame being placed on the innocent.

  2. Self guilt not based on facts or true responsibility.

  3. Parental Antagonism.

  4. Victims of shootings often try not to talk about the shooting, hoping it will go away. However it remains heavy on their mind, resulting in sleeping and eating disorders, social changes and drug use.

  5. Family break-up and divorce.

  6. Destruction of friends and neighbors.

  7. Feeling violated by society and the laws designed to protect us.

Personal Focus Facts:

  1. A child who has access to a gun is a victim of adult irresponsibility.

  2. The sole responsibility of a gun belongs to the owner of the gun, AND NO ONE ELSE, regardless of the situation.

  3. Talking about the shooting helps to heal by letting it out.

  4. Healing starts with Forgiveness.

  5. For every bullet there are 25 or more victims (friends and relatives) and hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses.

  6. Comfort is hard to find, be easy on your self and your loved ones.

  7. Don't hesitate to ask for all kinds of help, you'll need it.